Andrea Micheloni is an IT Security & Privacy Architect with hobbies ranging from programming and software architectures to embedded systems and computer security, cryptography and privacy.
As for the outernet, he enjoys speaking different languages, meeting multicultural-oriented people, climbing, dancing, handicrafts, hiking, skiing, ice skating and roller-blading.

Born in 1988 near Bergamo, Italy, he quickly discovered the joys of staring at a computer screen and otherwise avoiding any close contact with pretty much anything else.

Having been ill-advised about the experimental Math learning path of the high school being the right path to learn computers, he then spent five long years studying Math at school. Only during University he realized the blinding truth: computers are magic, and they can only function with more magic.

This website

Being a tinkerer by passion, I do sometimes develop something which might be of interest to somebody else, be it a trick, a guide or a full-blown project. This website was born from my need of having a deposit somewhere, in which to dump some of the projects I manage to nurture to an acceptable state.

It is not intended as a portfolio or as a real showcase as much as it is intended for me. Its purpose lies in reminding me about my passions, my ideas and principles. It is a reminder never to let the child in me, the one who breaks toys and tries to put them back together, stop breaking new stuff.

The name

a4a m7i numeronym

My name is long enough to make two interesting numeronyms, albeit creating an unpronounceable and unspeakable nickname. But, since I needed a new nickname (and this domain was available), I thought it might be just fitting.